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Mar. 3rd, 2012 06:22 pm
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Player Info:
Nickname: GrayGriffin
Age: 18
Personal LJ/DW: [personal profile] graygriffin
Method of Contact: Email:
Characters Played: None

Character Info:
Name: Gratuity Tucci
Age: 13
Canon: The True Meaning of Smekday
Pull Point: Post-story

Background Info:
History: Wikipedia article TVTropes article (I can provide a more detailed writeup if needed)
Personality: Gratuity is very independent for her age, and quite able to take care of herself if needed. She is a quick thinker, and can often think of ways out of dangerous situations. However, most of the time, she will find herself panicking a little first before actually thinking of what to do. Despite the tendency to panic, she is not a coward, and will face danger head-on if she has to. She is also good at putting up a cool demeanor even when she is feeling panicked, mostly when she is being directly confronted by whatever is panicking her.

Gratuity is also very loyal to her friends and family. She stands by them no matter what, and although it can take a while to earn her trust if you make a bad first impression, once you've earned it, you've got it. She'd stand up to anything for her friends, and the best way to get her mad would be to hurt them.

However, to people outside of her circle, Gratuity is prone to sarcasm and the occasional wisecrack. While she can put up a friendly face if she needs to, most people she doesn't like will usually find themselves at the end of quite a few verbal barbs. She's also not above talking about them behind their backs, although she doesn't spread rumors-just makes it clear that she doesn't like them.

Game Specific:
Arcana: Magician
Justification: Gratuity is very resourceful and aware, as evidenced by her ability to survive mostly on her own after her mother was abducted. She also shows strong ability to take action, as she ends up being the one who makes the plan that ends up defeating the Gorg invasion.


Character Name: Gratuity Tucci
Arcana: Magician
Persona Name: Nekomata
Notes: Not the "sexy cat-woman" version from the games. More like an actual cat, although still has anthropomorphic elements, and may have a slightly feminine touch to its figure. Tabby-patterned.


Level 10
Level 01: Agi
Level 10: Maha Magna
Level 20: Masukunda
Level 30: Agilao
Level 40: Maha Magnus
Level 50: Marakunda
Level 60: Magdyne
Level 70: Hellfire
Level 80: Magma Drop
Level 90: Primal Force
Level 100: Anger of the Earth


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